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The most amazing airports worldwide

Every year, devotees visit the best air travel, airport friendly with high bandwidth. While most appreciate them for quick turns and traveling light, other impressive bold architectural solutions, rooms with trendy interior and art installations. We offer airport with the most impressive design, of which just did not want to leave.

His first impression of the place of destination, tourists begin to form from the moment of arrival at the airport. That is why many cities are investing billions of dollars in reconstruction and reorganization of terminals. Competition between the cosmopolitan centers of the world rather tense, and everyone tries to outdo the other, establishing swimming pool on the roof of the terminal, organizing ogre

Airport Wellington in New Zealand

List of airports in the world the most amazing start with the strangest of them. Several years ago, the airport of Wellington was a simple construction of metal and glass, which had nothing to do, nothing to see. In 2003, the terminal installed a huge figure of Gollum from the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." After 8 years, built a new terminal "The Rock" with amazing fantastic design.Barajas Airport, Madrid In addition, the possibility that the throughput Barajas airport is 70 million passengers, it boasts the largest terminal area of 760,000 square meters, the design of which is owned by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers. At the airport, decorated predominantly in shades of yellow, there are metal sculptures and structures. The purpose of this design was to help passengers avoid stress by soft lighting, glass panels instead of walls and numerous domes on the roof, allowing the natural light in the room. If someone is bored while waiting for his flight, he can pass spa treatments, visit art exhibitions or shops with original Spanish goods directly in the terminal. Changi Airport in Singapore, Singapore - a place to perfect architecture and thoughtful design details. The best airport in the world, Changi, boasts a garden with butterflies, five-meter "green wall", a rooftop swimming pool, recreation and botanical gardens. Walking through the immaculate rooms, passengers feel thanks to designers for care. Airports do not have to impress and amaze imagination in the few hours that passengers can spend in it, but the Singapore Airport has surpassed all expectations. Incheon Airport in Seoul, Seoul in the past received many awards for his numerous achievements and innovations in the field of engineering.Incheon Airport has always been considered the world's leading airports in quality services and facilities provided. The airport building is in the shape of a typical Korean home. The terminal is a casino, an ice rink, spa and sauna, a restaurant with a wide choice of dishes and cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese and Western. Passengers at the airport have the opportunity during lunch or snack to enjoy panoramic views of the airfield with a bird's-eye view. King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah If customs, luggage and other standard services are air-conditioned and spacious room, most of the King Abdulaziz Airport is under huge, in the form of a tent roof from designer Horst Berger. The proximity of the city of Jeddah to the place of pilgrimage for Muslims, Mecca, some terminals specially equipped with everything for the comfort of pilgrims who come here every year. Gorgeous roof-tent concept and location outdoors become the criteria for allocating airport several awards for its special design, through which passengers are in a comfortable environment, breathe fresh air, despite the desert heat. Hong Kong International Airport Located on the edge of the ocean among the small group of tropical islands, Airport Hong Kong is not only a magnificent structure, but also has an amazing and breathtaking views that admire passengers during boarding. This is one of the most congested airports in the world, however, provides high-quality services and amenities, including food services. The building has a cockpit simulator, where you can feel like a real pilot and take a virtual land, as well as a huge cinema IMAX. In addition, in the heart of Hong Kong has a separate terminal, where passengers can go through all kinds of control before boarding the train. Menara Airport in Marrakechcombination of modernism and traditional Islamic architecture and magnificent views explain why it is necessary to visit the airport. Designed design firm Morocco-based E2A it looks like a giant honeycomb white. Through innovative design inside the airport is pleasantly cool, and passengers feel comfortable. 72 are located on the roof photovoltaic pyramid that generate energy and make the airport is not only attractive, but also practical. Airport in Helsinki, Finavia Finnish airport in Helsinki is one of the most congested airports in the country, it serves 15 million passengers a year. In addition, it is known that in its buildings held art exhibitions, public media. Hall of terminal looks as if from an episode of "Jetson", due to its monochrome design that includes accommodation in a room chairs in the form of eggs. In terminals exhibitions, show movies. There is also a sun terrace and a relaxation area. You can walk to all terminals and enjoy the best sculptures of the country. O'Hare Airport, Chicago One of the crowded US airports, O'Hare in Chicago, you can admire the colorful light installations on the way from one terminal to another.Every second color changing installations, and the light turns on and off at the right place at some point. The airport is big, so for ease of movement passengers enjoy monorail transport. At the airport, you can do yoga, sauna, gym and steam room at the Hilton Hotel. Beijing International Airport Beijing Capital Airport consists of the largest buildings in the world. The highlight is the terminal №3, which has a length of about 3 km and is built in the form of a dragon design company Fosters + Partners. The roof of the terminal mesh that allows sunlight to penetrate through the glass of traditional Chinese colors red and yellow. On the roof of the terminal is a lush garden area of 28, 000 square meters, which can be seen from the plane during landing.


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