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Greenland - a country of icebergs

Greenland - a country of icebergs
Travel to Greenland in Denmark began and ended in Iceland. After spending two days in Copenhagen, flew by plane to Greenland, where boarded the cruise ship "Fram" Company "H u rtigruten ". Swimming around Greenland accompanied by daily landings, which usually took place on boats such as "Zodiac". Eight days on familiarity with Greenland, two days to cross the Denmark Strait - Strait between Greenland and Iceland. Begin our new journey - this time on the amazing country of icebergs and colors - Greenland.
In Greenland glaciers are born simply colossal proportions, and then they give rise to a huge iceberg that ply the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
In the summer of huge blocks of ice form a true natural works of art - ice sculptures. When a huge ice cliff passing ships or boats she admires and simultaneously frightening. From coast to look at this beauty much quieter ... :)
Depending on the density of ice and weather conditions, icebergs acquire a different color from blue-black to turquoise and transparent as glass.
The locals are mainly engaged in fishing, and hunting sea lions and seals, an important role once played and whaling. The town is located in a very beautiful and unusual location at the foot of the basalt mountains.
See "skyscraper" on the far shore? As you already know - it's icebergs, mirages.
 Alpine chickweed.
All the colors are absolutely real.
Little House harp oligarch
With windows.
Greenlandic sunset
Whitens lone iceberg
Face of Bigfoot
Icy flames
Ilulissat Aysford (Ice Fjord) - is one of the most beautiful places in Greenland. Fjord glacier formed Sermeq Kudzhallek (150 m in width and a length of 5 km). Outside of Antarctica is the most powerful glacier. Before 1 July 2009 the Danish was one of the two official languages ​​of Greenland (second - Greenland). On July 1, 2009 Greenlandic became the sole official language of the autonomous region, although most of the items in a single university read in Danish.
Monument miraculous
Summer in Greenland. Who would have thought that the Greenland ice-covered here is a colorful summer.
 Ilulissat Aysford - 2
Sun and aysberg.Kogda iceberg falls in love with golden sun, hot ring hugs him every day. He dawn with its sun meets all the love he sends up And happiness is stronger only when the sun shines its beam is directed at the cold heart of it only touches the ocean sunset a farewell love smile Promising new meeting Leaving him alone and love this iceberg melts in your bowels heat is skipped and the supreme bliss of dreams to transform one would be rain and shed next to his beloved valley Watering him down to earth happy and go down to the ground Let's favorite only once ... (author unknown)
Rovnenko cut ...) Yes, like a butter knife!)
Ilulissat Aysford - 3
Sermitsiaq (1210 m) - the mountain to the north-east of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. It is located on the island of the same name in Nuup Kangerlua fjord. According brochures, with its peaks seen almost the entire city. But, as we see, it is not always possible. Although, I must say that the fog cleared quickly enough.
Ice grotto
Qooroq Icefjord. This fjord is not happy with the weather sunshine and blue skies. But for icebergs is no bad weather - they are beautiful and the rain and the sun.
Miracle Yudo fish-whale
Ilulissat Aysford - 4
slavado Iceberg closeup


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