Sunday, November 9, 2014


The force of life ...

30 (700x547, 377Kb)

It is believed that the man - the owner of the planet. But this is not true, and people are powerless over the powerful floods, tornadoes, landslides and earthquakes. Any facilities and infrastructure that are for some time without action, nature captures very fast, to recall the Olympic venues in Athens. But in everyday life nature shows its strength. Now let's see how fragile plants make their way through the small holes in the concrete, asphalt, showing that they have no technological obstacles. here

08-1 (700x421, 419Kb)

06 (700x525, 577Kb)
12 (700x476, 352Kb)
14 (700x456, 325Kb)
13 (700x496, 558Kb)
15 (700x521, 614Kb)
17 (700x602, 439Kb)
18 (700x478, 381Kb)
19 (700x466, 412Kb)
16 (700x467, 413Kb)
21 (700x523, 415Kb)
22 (700x525, 386Kb)
03 (700x525, 575Kb)
04 (700x466, 522Kb)
20 (435x700, 413Kb) 


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