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The United Nations reports that the estimated number of shipwrecks that are located on the ocean floor is about 3 million. But the old wrecked ships can also be found on deserted beaches, coral reefs in the middle of the ocean, uninhabited islands and other remote locations. In this collection you will see the most spectacular wrecks among those that can be contemplated at the surface

most spectacular shipwreck

1. Ship Dimitrios, Greece
Dimitrios crashed in a picturesque location, its rusted remains of the rest on the rugged sandy beach off the coast of Greece. According to rumors, the ship was used for transportation of contraband cigarettes from Turkey to Italy
Ship Dimitrios
2. Ship SS Ayrfield

Ayrfield SS was an ordinary steam ship - collier length 80 meters. The ship was built in the UK in 1911 and in 1912 sailed to Sydney. The ship was used for transporting supplies to US troops during the Second World War. History does not exactly what happened to the ship, but most likely he was just abandoned and run

most spectacular shipwreck
3. Eduard Bohlen, Namibia

ship Eduard Bohlen ran aground off the coast of Namibia, September 5, 1909. At present, the sea has retreated, and the remains of a ship buried in the sand about half a kilometer from the shoreline

4. Unknown ship at Villa Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

beautiful beach at Villa Nova de Milfontes in Portugal wrecked tug boat. According to local residents, the Dutch ship was aground hiding from the Coast Guard during transport contraband

5. Panakiotis Zakynthos

wreck Panakiotis are on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on the Greek island of Zakynthos - the southernmost of the Ionian Islands

Ship panakiotis

6. "Family Express" in the Turks and Caicos

This rusty ship got stuck in a sandbank in Turks and Caicos Islands a long time ago. For tourists here arranged special ladders on which anyone can climb the ship and explore it

Family Express
7. Luliya, Egypt

Luliya - Panamanian freighter built in Sweden in early 1952 and is stranded on a reef off the coast of Egypt, 29 September 1981. Several days later, the team left the ship safely, which to this day is located on the site of his crash


8. warship Murmansk, Norway

battleship "Murmansk" length of 200 meters and belonging to the Russian fleet ran aground in 1994 off the coast of Norway. Now the ship is a local landmark attracting tourists

9. Shipwreck on the River Suriname

This sailing ship was built in 1911 and a few years later wrecked the port "Amsterdam" in Suriname. The photo was taken in 2008

10. Protector, Australia

Ship "Defender" was built back in 1884 in Australia to protect the coastline. In 1943, the Protector was requisitioned by the US Army, and on the way to New Guinea suffered in a clash with the enemy, and was abandoned
ship Protector
11. Ship "World Discoverer", Solomon Islands

Hidden in a remote bay of the Solomon Islands, the cruise ship "World Discoverer" lying on its side and slowly rusting. Built in 1974, the ship 25 years faithfully served their masters. In April 2000, the ship encountered uncharted reef near the Solomon Islands. The captain gave the signal for help and all the passengers were rescued and transported by boat to the shore, where the rest and still

12. Ship "Olympia" in Greek

shipwreck It happened in a small bay on the Greek island Leaver Amorgos. Olympia vessel ran aground in 1979, there were no casualties

13. Ship "Gallant Lady", the Bahamas

once magnificent "Gallant Lady" is now rusted and peacefully leans on a rocky shore in the paradise of the southern North Bimini in the Bahamas

14. The ship Maheno, Australia

At Fraser Island in Australia have been many shipwrecks, but the most famous is the Maheno ship. Built in 1905, it was one of the first ships to the turbine, and made ​​regular routes between Sydney and Oklednom. During the First World War, it reclassified into a floating hospital, after which he served in the Mediterranean and Red seas. The ship has seen a lot, but was killed in a massive storm that tossed him ashore Fraser

15. Cabo de Santa Maria, Cape Verde

Cabo de Santa Maria - a cargo ship was destroyed in 1968 on the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Now the remains of the ship are a symbol of Boavista and Cape Verde, a source of inspiration for artists and tourists. Visit the shipwreck is an integral part of any tour of Boavista

16. The ship "America", Canary Islands, Spain America ocean liner was built in 1940. After a long and successful career was wrecked off the coast of Fueteventura in 1994 and was not subject to restoration. In April 2007, the starboard finally cracked and both the ship crashed into the water. At the moment, only a few meters of housing are seen above the sea level

scenic shipwreck


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