Sunday, September 21, 2014


During the trip, the first thing tourists tend to try all the traditional dishes of the country in which they are located, as the national cuisine allows you to learn more about the culture and the people themselves. For example, the Netherlands is world famous for its cheeses, although their range is not so great, as well as herring. The Dutch can not imagine their existence without this fish and consider it their pride. Every year in early June, arranged a festival in honor of herring, in which numerous folk festivals, auctions and herring balls.
Due to its geographical location, residents of the Netherlands are able to produce enough seafood. Oysters, mussels, fish of different varieties - all of this in abundance. Their favorite vegetable is the potato. In almost every city in the country is sold on every corner potato fries. She served in a paper envelope with the addition of sauces. It should be noted that the so-called hot dishes made ​​only for dinner - breakfast and lunch in the main consists of snacks.
Below are the traditional Dutch cuisine.

Gouda - hard cheese a light yellow color, with the presence of small holes. Shared by the young, middle and mature Gouda depending on age. With age, the pudding gets a tangy taste. The product comes from the city of Gouda. (Artizone)


Edam - semi-hard cheese a pale yellow color. Does not have a distinct taste and smell. Spherical head cheese is coated in yellow or red paraffin, more elite - the black wax. Shared by young and aged edam. (Yvwv) Leyden cheese - semi-hard cheese, dark-yellow color. The product is made ​​from skimmed cow's milk with the addition of various spices as cumin, cloves.(Alexander van Loon) "Green" salted herring. Her eating whole, holding the tail. (Takeaway) Pofferches - pancakes on the basis of buckwheat flour. The dish is considered the street, as is sold on every corner. (Dennis Burger) To prepare the dishes use a special pan with the same small indentations. (Tijs Zwinkels) Bitter balls or Bitterballen - balls of veal or fish, deep-fried.Usually snacks are served with mustard. (Takeaway) French fries with sauce, or Patatje met. (NiederlandeNet) Shtamppot - potato and vegetable puree. Served with stew or frikandelami. (Oystein Alsaker) Sata. (Takeaway) Croquettes. (Takeaway)Royal oysters. (Takeaway) Fruit tarts. (Pure Pink Sugar) Stropvafli - two thin waffles, baked with caramel syrup in the middle.Delicacy originally from the city of Gouda. (Takeaway) Cake for breakfast, or Ontbijtkoek. (Takeaway) Beer Heineken.(Aurimas) Beer Grolsch. (Ted Thompson) "Wrong coffee", or just coffee with milk. (Takeaway)


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