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Stunning photos of coralli-coralli. Utah and Arizona

Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona 
Arizona is located in the southwest of the United States, in the west it borders with California and Nevada, in the north - with Utah, in the north-east - Colorado on the east - New Mexico, in the south - with Mexico. The area of the state is 295,254 km² (6th place among the states in the country). Much of the territory of the state falls on the mountains, plateaus and deserts. In Arizona, is the largest forest of yellow pine. In the north of the state is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River . Southwestern part of Arizona's Sonoran Desert occupies, in which there are cities such as Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma.Despite the fact that this is one of the hottest and driest deserts USA, Sonora has a fairly diverse flora and fauna, which is explained by the presence in the year two rainy seasons. In the northwest of the state is the Mojave Desert, which is different from Sonora more Tall position and the presence of rare-standing trees. Painted Desert occupies part of the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona. A small area in the southeast of the state is part of the Chihuahuan Desert, which is compared to Sonora because of altitude position has a milder summer temperatures.
The largest rivers of the state - Colorado and its major tributary, the Gila River. Almost the entire territory of Arizona except for some southern and south-eastern regions of the basin is located in the Colorado River.
Utah (eng. Utah) - state in the US in the group Mountain State, is located in the Rocky Mountain region. Bordered on the north-east from Wyoming, on the east by Colorado, on the south by Arizona, Nevada on the west and north Idaho. The capital and largest city of Salt Lake City. Other major cities - Ogden and Provo.
Utah became the 45th state admitted to the United States January 4, 1896. About 80% of the population lives in the area Wasatch Front, with its center in Salt Lake City. In Utah, there is almost uninhabited vast spaces, making the state the sixth most urbanized state in the US. The name "Utah" is derived from the name of the tribe of Utah and means "people of the mountains" in the language of Utah.
Utah - one of the most religiously homogeneous states in the US. About 60% of the state's residents, are reported to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which greatly affects the culture and daily life of the state. (Wikipedia)
  Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona Monument Valley Monument Valley -Unique or geological formations located in northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah (USA), along the border between the states on the territory of a Navajo reservation, one of the national symbols of the United States. The Colorado River Carnegie Giant  Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona   Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona      Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona   
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    Antelope Canyon Grand Canyon - United States National Park in Arizona, lying on the ground in the 4927 km2. The first Europeans to visit these places were the conquistadors from Spain in 1540. After 3 centuries scientists have come here that boats sailed the Grand Canyon and made ​​a detailed map of the area. In 1908, the Grand Canyon was declared a national monument.           Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona  Stunning photos of coralli-coralli.  Utah and Arizona


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