Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Accommodation

You’ve battled, argued, agreed and changed your minds again, but finally settled on where to go for your summer holiday – Great Yarmouth, for a traditional UK seaside break. But now the debates begin again as you start to think what type of accommodation would be best.

There are sure to be many things to consider and boundless questions, with everyone having their own favourite – mum would like a luxury hotel, dad wants to rekindle childhood memories with a camping holiday, the children just want to go swimming everyday and the grandparents are coming too! Finding somewhere suitable feels like mission impossible…

So start to think about what it is you really need, then add to that the things you’d like – and should be well on the road to a great holiday. Ask yourself some questions and you’ll end up with a list of the things that are most important to you. Do you want leisure facilities on site such as swimming pools, tennis courts and even activity classes for the kids? What about entertainment – for the children and the adults? Some places, such as caravan parks and holiday villages have children’s clubs, evening shows and comedy to keep everyone amused.

The answers to these are probably already shaping your ideas, so now think about the type of accommodation, from self catering cottages in idyllic locations to town-based bed & breakfasts, all action holiday villages to quiet camp sites, there will be bags of options! And finally, but more boring, you’ll have to consider the budget – but don’t worry as staying in the UK will mean no costly flights and Great Yarmouth has accommodation to suit everybody.

Now you’ve considered all the fundamental questions, where are you going to find that accommodation? There are certainly many internet sites where you could browse for hours without getting very far. An informative and trustworthy site is that run by the Great Yarmouth Borough Council, great-yarmouth (dot) co (dot) uk, where you will find an easy to use search facility and comprehensive list of options. And if you need further information, you can either download a full holiday brochure or order one to be posted to you door.
Like a one-stop-shop for finding what you need, quickly and pain-free this website certainly stands out from the crowd.


Ariana Louis said...

It's always important to also to do your own research, as holiday brochures and anything marketed towards you can tend to limit your exposure to the location. :) read reviews of the place, especially Travel Republic reviews as I usually refer to them before booking any travel! :)

Sylvia Jordan said...

Nice tips. May I also add something? You can find lots of family-friendly hotels in Travelrepublic. We booked through TR, and my kids had the best time of their lives during our vacation in Greece a year ago.

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