Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Aerofotoputeshestvie across countries and continents with the French photographer Yan Arthus-Bertrand (Yann Arthus-Bertrand).

Tulip fields near Lisse, Netherlands

The eruption of the volcano in Kamchatka Karimsky

The merger of the Uruguay River and its tributary. Misiones province, Argentina

"Astronaut" at Nazca. Peru

Village on stilts in Tongkil. Philippines

El Atteuf in Algeria

Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel rock. Egypt

Love Parade in the Tiergarten park. Berlin

Yurts on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia

Central Park in New York City

Heart in Voh in New Caledonia

Dovecote in Mit Ghamr, Egypt. There pigeons bred for meat.

Chinese dried on the highway near Beijing corn 

Caravan in the dunes. Mauritania

Fishermen on the ice of Lake Baikal

Cemetery in Asyut. Egypt

Paricutin volcano destroyed the church San Juan Parangaricutiro, at the foot of the volcano itself. Mexico

The holiday village in the vicinity of Geneva, Switzerland

Agricultural landscape near the town of Cognac, France

Drying freshly painted carpets. Jaipur, India

Cows in the pasture between the dunes. Chile

Emperor penguin colony. Beaufort Island, Antarctica

Fisherman on Lake Kossou. Côte d'Ivoire

Flamingos on Lake Nakuru in Kenya

Residential areas in the suburbs of Copenhagen Brondby. Denmark

Cemetery Iraqi tanks in the desert near Al-Jahrah, Kuwait

Village mosque in Mali

Irrigation circles or "carousel irrigation" in Jordan

Icebreaker "Louis Saint Laurent" in Nunavut. Canada

Olive plantation in Andalucia. Spain

Phi Phi Le island near Phuket. Thailand

Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris

Rice field north of Pokhara. Nepal

Melted iceberg in the fjord Unartoq, Greenland

Thickets of hyacinth on the Nile, Egypt

Giant label at the heliport in New York: "Melissa, marry me?"

Fuji. Japan

Flying over a dump in Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic

Roman theater in Palmyra. Syria

Salt formation in the Dead Sea. Israel

Satellite dishes in Aleppo. Syria

Tombs of the Kings in Ayutthaya. Thailand

Pripyat - a ghost town near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Ukraine

Athabasca oil-rich desert in Canada

"Tents of Peace" by artist Clara Halter in Jerusalem

Budnath Stupa - Buddhist temple in Kathmandu. Nepal

Yankee Stadium in New York

In cotton harvesting. Burkina Faso

Gorge Bras de Caverne Reunion Island

Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. UAE

Tractor in a field near Bozeman. Montana, United States

Stone Forest Tsingy de Bemaraha Madagascar

Venice from above

Village near Lake Chad. Republic of Chad

Uffington White Horse - 110-meter high chalk figure in the English county of Oxfordshire. Age about 3,000 years.

Wind electric turbines near Palm Springs. California

Lighthouse on the island Fouquets. The Republic of Mauritius


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