Friday, May 8, 2009

Easy Global Warming Tips

1. Lighting
Replace all incandescent light bulbs in your home and business with compact fluorescent ("twisty bulbs"). (e.g., I've replaced all bulbs in our home except for the small-socket bulbs in the chandelier above our piano.)

Turn off light bulbs unless you absolutely need them on, like when you're in the shower (if you have a window!).

2. Transportation
Ride your bike to work or purchase an electric car or invest in one, or a hybrid.

3. Computers
PCs: configure your computer to shutdown after 1 hour of non-use (Start Menu > Control Panel > Power Options > Power Schemes tab).

4. Vacations
Consider foregoing a "airline-based vacation" instead for a local vacation.

5. Diet
Living a vegan diet saves more fossil fuels than owning a Toyota Prius hybrid automobile?

Try to eat fruits and vegetasbles that are (1) grown locally (2) in season (3) organic.

6. Energy Production
Install a next-generation backyard wind generator and save 30-90% of your home energy needs.

7. Consumerism
Swap, don't buy: swap gift cards + +, CDs, DVDs, Books, or anything.


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